The 86th Academy Awards

The 86th Academy Awards: The night we'd all been waiting for was finally here: this year's Oscars ceremony has come and gone along with another ground-breaking year in cinema. 12 Years a Slave predictably took Best Picture but Gravity emerged as the movie of the evening with seven awards, five of which were in the technical categories. Matthew McConaughey and Cate Blanchett triumphed with their respective acting awards, pizza was served, Lupita Nyong'o was the darling of yet another awards show and high-scoring host Ellen Degeneres wrapped up the festivities with a neat and expertly-timed bow.

The Oscars Selfie: They say a picture speaks a thousand words but nowadays an image is judged by how many retweets it can get within the shortest space of time. When Ellen Degeneres decided to get a couple of stars together for an impromptu selfie, she probably didn't expect the shot - which featured Bradley Cooper, Brangeline, JLaw, Lupita, Kevin Spacey, Jared Leto, Julia Roberts and Meryl Streep - to surpass Obama's re-election shot's previous world record. The snap broke Twitter, attracting 80,000 retweets within 30 minutes and 1.2 million in an hour.

John Travolta Goofs. Hard: John Travolta made himself out to be a right plonker this week in one of the funniest stories to have emerged from the Oscars. The veteran actor had one job at the awards: the introduce 'Let It Go' singer Idina Menzel for her live performance of the Oscar-winning Frozen song. However, the Pulp Fiction superstar decided to invent a new persona for the Broadway singer, calling her "Adela Dazeem" without so much as a stammer. Cue a real ribbing from the internet, with a parody Twitter account and a "Travoltify" widget launched. Needless to say, the actor has apologised.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry On 'Sunrise': Katy Perry touched down in Sydney this week to promote her upcoming Prismatic world tour. Whilst there, she was treated like a Queen on early morning talkshow Sunrise where she cuddled koalas, had a go at doing the weather forecast and answered questions from her fans. The fawning Aussie hosts were conveniently ignoring the white elephant in the room - Perry's reported split from John Mayer - but one young fan went for the jugular and demanded to know whether the pop star has a boyfriend. Awkwardness and some shrieking ensued: watch for yourself.

Jimmy Kimmel Roasts Rob Ford: Poor Rob Ford: Toronto's hapless mayor landed in Tinseltown this week for what he thought would be a trip to promote his city's movie industry. Instead, he ended up on the couch of Jimmy Kimmel, who could barely contain his glee at having snared such an easy-to-troll guest. Kimmel gave Ford the grilling of his life, showing embarrassing and compromising photos and clips of the mayor whilst demanding to know why he is overweight and calling him out on his alleged drug and alcohol abuse. Brutal: you know you want to.

Wolf of Wall Street

MTV Movie Awards Nominees: Who's up for some golden popcorn? The MTV Movie Awards nominees have been announced, with all the predictable big-hitters up for a prize as well as a scattering of low-brow action movies to cater to MTV's teen audience. All the random categories are present and correct too, with such glittering accolades up for grabs as Best WTF Moment, Best Shirtless Scene and Best Scared As S**t Performance. Rad, man. Check out the nominee highlights here.

'How I Met Your Mother' Freaks Out Fans: [Spoilers] Fans of TV sitcom How I Met Your Mother were all of a fluster this week when a flash-forward hinted that the mysterious Mother character may be dead at the time when Josh Radnor's Ted is recounting the series' story to his children. Fans expecting a Friends-style finale of joy are concerned their favourite show will end on a sad note, leading some to cry "red herring!" What do you think will happen? Decide for yourself here.

Video Of The Week - 'Paddington' Teaser Trailer: We're not even kids and this still excites us: Colin Firth voices the reboot of Michael Bond's well-loved Paddington Bear cartoon characters and has promised to give his furry little character "a slight Peruvian flavour." The new teaser clip shows Paddington arriving at his London namesake from the care of his Aunt Lucy in Peru. The Paul King-directed movie promises to be faithful to the original stories of the conscientious and curious character, with an added Sigur Ros soundtrack and some nifty CGI work.