Ellen Page is in talks to star in the reboot of 'Flatliners.'

The 'Juno' star, 28, is being lined up to take on the lead role in the remake of the '90s original sci-fi film, which starred Julia Roberts, Kiefer Sutherland and Kevin Bacon, following two years of drafting, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Ben Ripely has penned the updated script, which will no doubt see more modern science woven into the storyline as it follows a group of medical students who cause themselves surreal mental anguish with their near-death experiments.

Niels Arden Oplev has been lined up to direct after he was linked to the movie, originally directed by Joel Schumacher, in 2013 when the idea of a reboot first came to mind.

Although confirmation of a remake is yet to be issued, it's believed reports that producers are hunting for their cast could mean the movie is well on its way to being shot.

Meanwhile, Ellen, who came out as gay last year, most recently starred opposite Julianne Moore in the newly-released movie 'Freeheld', in which she stars as Stacie Andree, who fought for the right to inherit her late partner Laurel Hester's pension benefits, with the artist by her side.