Ellie Goulding is ''desperate'' to go to a party.

The 'Burn' hitmaker is unable to attend a star-studded bash with her celebrity pals because of the coronavirus pandemic, and whilst she originally enjoyed staying at home for the first few months, she's now missing the social atmosphere of a party.

She said: ''I'm too much of a recluse, I don't see anyone. I spend a lot of time by myself and haven't seen anyone for a long time. Obviously there's been lockdown, but I've always kept myself to myself.

''[But] I'm desperate to go to a party now. It took lockdown for me to want to be social. I'm definitely really up for dancing and I really mean it when I say I spend a lot of time alone, so I am looking forward to having conversations with people.''

And although she can't go out and party, Ellie has still been enjoying a drink at home with her husband Caspar Jopling.

She added: ''I've had a couple of hangovers. I never really drank wine before.

Wine has been my discovery during lockdown.

''Trying to keep a healthy diet, you don't need to give up alcohol and chocolate, you just need to be conscious.''

The 33-year-old singer is spending lockdown in London, where she now lives after moving back to the UK last year following two years living in America.

And Ellie - who met her husband in the US - says her move back to England will likely be permanent, because she misses her home country whenever she's away.

She told The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column: ''I'm probably here for the foreseeable future. I love being in London. It's a brilliant city to be part of. I thrive when I'm here.

''I missed Sunday roasts and history when I was in New York. It felt like there wasn't a lot of greenery. I would get on the subway and jog around Central Park.

''It's like everything's happening at once. Pre-lockdown there was always something to see and everything goes a million miles an hour but it can be a lot for a shy English girl like me.

''I am a country girl and I really missed that. It's in my blood.''