Singer Ellie Goulding called on the public to “carry the spirit of Glastonbury home” with them when she played the festival’s main stage over the weekend. Goulding had previously tweeted that she was ‘heartbroken’ over the result of the EU Referendum, which hanged heavy over the annual festival all weekend.

Ellie Goulding at GlastonburyEllie Goulding shared her thoughts on Brexit during Glastonbury.

“I know things have been a bit weird the past few days. Actually that’s an understatement,” she told the crowd. “But it is so nice to be in a place where there is so much unity and where everyone is so happy and friendly and dancing together and laughing together and loving each other."

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"I really hope now for this lovely country that I live in and you live in that that sentiment, that spirit of Glastonbury, happens all over the country still, because I know some really terrible things have been happening and I really hope that when you go home that you guys will take that spirit with you."

"If you see that that spirit is not happening wherever you live, wherever you are, to other people... We are all one person, we are all human beings," she added. "I just want to say I really hope that we can all carry the spirit of Glastonbury home with us, because that would make me very happy.”

On Twitter yesterday the singer also referenced the referendum result and urged everyone to ‘show love to each other’. “Wherever you are, show love to each other. Whether you know that person or not, wherever they're from, wherever you're from, show love,” Goulding wrote.

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"If you see that somebody is using the recent happenings in this country as an excuse to be mean to people, don't let it happen. To state the obvious, we are all human beings on PLANET EARTH... And sometimes people tend to forget. All equal. Life is short. Show love.”