For Ellie Kemper, the cat is out the bag after it was revealed on national television that she'd gotten engaged to her long term boyfriend Michael Koman. The actress actually announced the news herself to Conan O Brien on his show 'Conan' last night (December 7, 2011).
Kemper was until this year best known for her role in the American version of 'The Office' as Erin Hannon, before staring in the hit comedy film 'Bridesmaids' which saw critical and box office success - grossing almost $300 million worldwide. She couldn't contain her excitement as the chat show host probed "I want to mention something, it's sort of a big deal around this office. You got engaged." O'Brien knows her fiancee well, with Koman having written for the 48 year-old for many years. An excited Kemper admitted they were engaged and furthered, "Michael's a delight, as you know, so of course [my parents] like him a lot."
In the same segment Kemper also admitted that not all of her family had warmed to the writer, telling O'Brien of an incident that occurred during dessert at one Thanksgiving. "There was a pumpkin pie and a pecan pie out, and my grandpa said, 'Ellie, what kind of pie are you gonna have?'" she explained, "And I said, 'I don't know, grandpa. They both look really good. I think I'll have pecan.' He said, 'Are you sure, Ellie? Because it's okay to keep your options open. You don't have to settle on a pie right now. I think Michael started to squirm!" We trust that everyone is on good terms now ahead of the as-yet-to-decided wedding date