Review of Lost Without You EP by Ellie Lawson

Ellie Lawson sounds like she could be yet another young female singer/songwriter with the same mournful tunes of romance and loss. So I'm sorry to say that I went in having already judged the EP on face value. Yet, Ellie Lawson is actually a little bit different.

Ellie Lawson Lost Without You EP

A Londoner, she has already experienced success in the USA whilst signed with Atlantic and was certainly predicted as something big over there. There are countless remix versions of her work, proving that Ellie Lawson's music is easy to work with and open to possibilities.

So what makes Ellie Lawson stand out from the overcrowded acoustic folk genre?

Perhaps the best thing about this music is the natural ability Ellie Lawson has to create and recognise rhythm. It all seems to come very easily, too. Lawson doesn't try too hard with her voice, as many do today. Instead she has a very natural and innocent sounding voice.

The tracks have narrative and seem to reflect on musings on life and its problems in a positive way. Perhaps sometimes they go a little bit towards the clich' but otherwise tell a story of confidence and perseverance.

The small four track selection within 'Lost Without You' clearly shows her versatility and how she can adapt her sound. Be it slow and raw acoustic or catchy folk pop, there is real talent.

With the sassy and confident approach of KT Tunstall and the folk sound of Jack Johnson, Ellie Lawson has an intriguing sound you will want to hear more of.

Laura Johnstone

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