MIKE EDWARDS, a founding member of the band Elo, has been killed in a freak road accident. Edwards - who was the cellist in the British rock band between 1972 and 1975 - died when his van was crushed by a hay bale, reports BBC News. Whilst driving down the A381 in Devon, England, Edwards was killed instantly as a 600kg hay bale fell from a tractor in nearby farmland, and careered into his vehicle.
The musician was also a founding member of the classic 'Devon Baroque Orchestra', and their chairman, Angus Gordon, told BBC News, "He was simply the nicest guy and a brilliant musician. He was capable of turning his hand to any type of music at all. He taught the cello and his incredible patience and encouragement - even with the slowest of students - made him a very good teacher", before adding, "I'm devastated. He was a really likeable person".
During Edwards' time in ELO, the Birmingham band released four albums, 'The Electric Light Orchestra' in 1971, 'ELO 2' in 1973, 'On the Third Day' in 1973, and 'Eldorado, A Symphony' in 1974. The 62-year-old continued to play music up until his death, and he was due to perform with the medieval folk band 'Daughters of Elvin' in Totnes on Saturday evening.