Since breaking up Elo over a decade ago, Lynne has concentrated on producing for other artists, but he was so stoked by the turn-out for the band's Hyde Park gig, he decided to start working on new material.

And now he has recorded comeback album All Alone in the Universe, which will be released later this year (15).

Lynne says, "It (concert) just blew me away... It was magnificent. I couldn’t believe it. They knew all the words. I knew most of them, although not necessarily in that order.

"It was absolutely astonishing, and so thrilling. It was beyond anything I could have imagined. I could feel the love and the pleasure they were having, clapping along to every song. It’s almost impossible to describe the feeling. It was one of the most memorable shows ever for me."

Fans who missed the concert can now check it out on DVD and Blu-Ray - Jeff Lynne's ELO: Live in Hyde Park was released on 11 September (15).