Review of Wonderful Crazy Night Album by Elton John

An artist who genuinely requires no introduction, Sir Elton John is one of few living musicians who can genuinely justify the tag of being a legend.  He has sold more than 250 million records, played over 3,500 concerts and has the biggest selling single of all time.  He is currently touring this, his 32nd studio album, in North America, with UK shows lined up in June.

Elton John Wonderful Crazy Night Album

Opening with jangly piano riff, the title track begins this collection in the sort of joyous and upbeat manner that befits the name it has been given.  It has the feeling of an entertaining cabaret, laced with funk influence, and works nicely into the meandering 'In The Name Of You'.  More often than not, John turns to Americana influences, which may surprise casual observers.   The tracks tend to work well though, with 'Blue Wonderful' a relaxing piece and 'Looking Up' re-injecting some energy to proceedings.  'Open Chord' is another enjoyable country moment, while 'England & America' is fun as the stand out bonus track.  It is only 'Claw Hammer' which particularly misses the mark, with a questionable metaphor for breaking through a wall, but in context it is forgivable.  While none of the songs will go down as his best work, John has produced an album that will pleasantly pass the time at his shows between airings of his most-loved work.

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