Bestival is slowly but surely ranking up alongside Glastonbury in the battle of the festivals. We're not sure why, but Great Britain seems to be the place to be for music festivals; despite the high chance of rain, millions flock to the fields every year.

It might have something to do with the stellar acts pulled in by the festival spirit year after year. Bestival - this year - is set to be headlined by rock legend Elton John, Hip Hop giant Snoop Dogg (sorry Snoop, we can't get on board with this Lion thing) while Mia, the Flaming Lips and the Roots add to an already stunning roster. John was a VIP guest at the first-ever Isle of Wight festival back in the 60s, "I went with a group of friends specifically to see Bob Dylan," John said. "He was fantastic. Sitting in that field I could never have imagined that just a year later Melody Maker would run the front page headline 'Dylan digs Elton!', after he came to one of my first shows in America."

But will a 65-year-old Elton don a fancy dress costume? Bestival is famous for them, so he'll probably have to. "As the person who played a concert at New York's Central Park in 1980 dressed in full Donald Duck costume including webbed feet, I think I know quite a bit about the power and fun of fancy dress! I can't wait to see the audience at Bestival: they must all look amazing from the stage." (via The Guardian).