Elton John listens to Dance music in the shower.

The 'Rocket Man' singer recently enjoyed a successful debut at Ibiza's 123 Rocktonic Festival and admits the genre inspires him in the morning.

He said: ''I've got dance music on most mornings when I'm in the shower.

''Lately I've been listening to The 2 Bears, they've remixed 'Sad', one of the songs on the Elton Vs PNAU album.

''It's the second single so I was pleased they picked up on it. There's a fabulous track called 'Self Control' on the Scissor Sisters album, which has definitely been heard in the shower.''

His love for high tempo tracks doesn't stop there, he revealed that he is huge fan of that kind of music in general because of its tendency to produce catchy melodies.

The 65-year-old pianist told the Daily Star newspaper: ''And I like Hot Chip. There is so much great music in this genre.''

His concert with duo Pnau sees some of Elton's hits mashed up for their album 'Good Morning To The Night'.

While touring Australia five years ago, Elton came across one of their albums and was so impressed his company now manages them.

Elton explained: ''I got in touch and told them they should leave Australia. There have been several attempts to remix my music before, but I've never felt as excited about the finished product as I do about these tracks with Pnau.

''We didn't give them any sort of deadline on this project but this summer seems like a great moment to release the album.''