It's only just dawned upon us; Elton John is perfect for Bestival. He's lively, energetic, plays crowd-pleasing songs and loves to dress up in funny costumes. That's basically the manifesto of Bestival!

So when our initial and unfounded surprise subsided, we settled down to the notion that Mr. John might well put on one of the best nights at Bestival. And not just over the special weekend in September, but ever. "I am known for doing festivals - I played my first festival 47 years ago!" replied Elton to The Guardian's accusation that he wasn't exactly known for frequenting the festival circuit. "That was the sixth National Jazz and Blues festival at Windsor in the summer of 1966, when I was keyboard player in a band called Bluesology." And as to whether the 65-year-old musician will dress up, well, you just have to look at his character, and realise he's got serial history in donning some pretty silly outfits. "I've heard that the Bestival audience comes in fancy dress and I can't wait to see that," he explained, "They must all look amazing from the stage. Wearing fancy dress makes us all feel less inhibited so I think it's a great way to enjoy live music."

Bestival will take place between 5-8 September at the Robin Hill Country Park on the Isle of Wight.