Elton John has had a truly remarkable career, one that has lasted more than forty years, seen him break countless records and as he got older, one that has allowed him to settle down and begin a family. In a recent interview with British newspaper The Mirror, Sir Elton discussed his longstanding career, the passion that drives it and why he now feels that it is finally time to settle down and stop his endless touring.

Elton John
Elton is finally ready to slow down

A noted workaholic, it has taken fatherhood and the recent life-threatening fight with appendicitis to convince the 66-year-old to slow down. The singer decided after his recent health scare that his endless touring was slowly killing him and that it was time to reassess his lifestyle and begin spending more time with his partner of 20 years, David Furnish, and their two sons, Zachary, 2, and Elijah, 9 months.

"You know me. I couldn’t just have one bunch of flowers, or one line of coke, or one drink or one pair of shoes... It’s inbred in me. I’m an addict," the singing great told the paper in regards to his dedication to touring. He added, "I don’t have to play 124 shows a year, but I love it. I do tours with a band, I do tours with a percussionist, on my own and I do Las Vegas.You get addicted to working but it’s the travelling that kills you. You usually end up in Brazil, Australia or Singapore... somewhere a long way from home. I’m so addicted to playing, I think, 'Let’s go there... let’s see what this is like.' This year, I’ve played Paraguay and Peru – places I’ve never played before."

Sir Elton John
Sir Elton is renown for his energetic performances

As for life as a father now, Elton admitted that his newfound responsibilities have been easier to handle than he though they would, but admitted that he and Furnish are hands on fathers who don't like to let their responsibilities fall to someone else. He said, "Having children, which I thought might be a little challenging at my age, has been such a cakewalk and a delight. It’s not about you anymore, it’s about this lovely little human being. We do have a nanny, but the kids are very portable. Yes we do have a fantastic lifestyle, but we’re hands-on with our kids too."

"I used to have a quick temper, but you can’t have a temper around the children, or raise your voices to them," Elton continued, referring to how much having children has changed him. He added, "I’m more mellow. I have the most incredible life – a partner of 20 years this year, two incredible sons, great family and dear friends. It is a wonderful life beyond my wildest dreams. There’s nothing for me really to complain about."

Elton goes on to speak about his friendly relationship with Madonna, Simon Cowell and Rod Stewart as well as discuss his admiration for David Bowie and the way he went about releasing his new album, as well as his admiration for Wilko Johnson, who is suffering from terminal cancer but still continues to perform up and down the country. He then went on to explain how he feels that the current generation of musicians are capably sending music in the right direction, singling out some of his own musical proteges such as The Strypes, Ed Sheeran.

It really has been some career for Elton, and as he put it, "I’ve certainly got some stories to tell my children!"

The Diving Board is out now.

Elton Bestival
Elton might be slowing, but he isn't stopping yet