Sir Elton John's debut Eyewear line was a real "labour of love".

The 'I'm Still Standing' hitmaker - who is known for his extensive hoard of eccentric lenses - has partnered with Sam’s Club and Walmart on a career-spanning collection.

And the 'Your Song' singer has explained how he wanted to ensure each set of frames became a "true reflection" of how he was feeling in the moment.

Speaking to People, he said: "Creating Elton John Eyewear has been a labour of love and an incredible personal journey through my career and the fashion that brought me centre stage with every performance. My eyewear has always been a bit symbolic for me, it's been a true reflection of how I feel and what I want to portray creatively in that moment."

One pair is named 'Rocketman' after his 1972 mega-hit and the blockbuster biopic of the same name, while another set is dubbed 'Prodigy' in homage to Elton being a child prodigy on the piano.

Each pair comes emblazoned with an “E” and the frames are priced between $95 to $100.

The 74-year-old music legend said in a statement: “Elton John Eyewear celebrates confidence, self-expression and authenticity.

“The line is designed to have something for everyone, so no matter who you are, you can always look yourself. It’s not just about glasses, it’s about changing the way people see themselves.”

Walmart is donating at least $1 million per year from the sales of the glasses to the 'Tiny Dancer' hitmaker's AIDS Foundation.

The eyewear launch comes days after Elton revealed he still has many of the frames he's worn on stage, including his famous oversized star-shaped lenses.

However, he finds it impossible to pick a favourite.

Asked if he could name his most-loved pair, the 'Crocodile Rock' hitmaker said: "Not really because I've got so many I can choose whatever mood I'm in. I'm you know I'm very lucky to have so much to choose from."

Asked: "How many do you have?", Elton replied: "Oh god I'm not sure I mean it's in the thousands. It has to be yeah but I've been collecting them ever since 1970 when I started wearing the stars and all the crazy glasses I still have most of them."