Sir Elton John still owns "most" of his crazy spectacles.

The 74-year-old music legend is known for his extensive hoard of rock-star shades, having amassed thousands of bonkers glasses in all shapes and sizes over the past five decades, and he still has many of the ones he's worn on stage, including his famous oversized star-shaped lenses.

However, he finds it impossible to pick a favourite.

Asked if he could name his most-loved pair, the 'I'm Still Standing' hitmaker told LADbible: "Not really because I've got so many I can choose whatever mood I'm in. I'm you know I'm very lucky to have so much to choose from."

Asked: "How many do you have?", Elton replied: "Oh god I'm not sure I mean it's in the thousands. It has to be yeah but I've been collecting them ever since 1970 when I started wearing the stars and all the crazy glasses I still have most of them."

As well as his impressive glasses collection, Elton also owns more than 100,000 CDs.

The 'Rocket Man' star is an avid record collector and though his collection is huge, none of it has been placed into storage so he can always access whatever it is he wants to listen to.

He admitted previously: "I have over 120,000 CDs and 15,000 pieces of vinyl. They are stored in my home shelves so I can access whatever I want, whenever I want... I definitely prefer LPs."

Meanwhile, Elton revealed he is health-conscious these days after abusing drugs and alcohol in the past - and his post-gig feast is less rock and roll than you'd expect.

The rock icon - who recently underwent hip replacement surgery - tends to opt for "a handful of almonds and a glass of water" instead of a calorific slice of pizza, which he'd really like to chow down on.

He said: "It's very hard to eat after gigs because it's very bad to eat that late at night so I might have a handful of almonds and a glass of water which is really boring where I'd love to have a pizza."

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