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22nd October 2015

Quote: "My old pal that I sang in a group with... has played in Austin, Texas ever since those days. He emigrated from Liverpool and we reunited our band from 1973." Elvis Costello hooked up with an old pal on his recent book tour as he promoted his new memoir in Texas.

26th August 2015

Fact: Bruce Springsteen, DAVID LETTERMAN, Elvis Costello and Joan Jett are among the stars who have filmed cameos for singer Darlene Love's new video Forbidden Love. The promo also features Bill Murray and the man behind her comeback, Springsteen's E Street Band bandmate Steven Van Zandt.

30th April 2014

Fact: Singer/songwriter Elvis Costello is set to make his headlining debut at New York City's famed Carnegie Hall with two concerts on 24 and 25 June (14). He first performed at the iconic venue in 2001 as a guest of rockers Spinal Tap.

10th April 2013

Fact:  Judy Garland's song Ding Dong the Witch is Dead, made famous in The Wizard of Oz, has rocketed up the charts on digital retailers iTunes and Amazon in the U.K. as scores of Britons celebrated the death of divisive former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher on Monday (08Apr13). Elvis Costello's Tramp the Dirt Down, a direct criticism of the former Conservative leader, also entered the top 100 downloads on iTunes.

28th September 2012

Quote: "I'm attracted to intense people - look who I'm married to." Singer Diana Krall on her marriage to legendary recording artist Elvis Costello.

10th February 2012

Fact: Billy Joel, Elvis Costello and Alice Cooper are among the stars lining up to record tributes to Sir Paul McCartney for a new album. Brian Wilson, B.B. King, Willie Nelson, Steve Miller, Jeff Lynne, Heart, Wanda Jackson, Kiss and The Cure will also be revamping MACca's biggest hits for producer and music supervisor Ralph Sall's project.

4th March 2011

Fact: Veteran rocker Paul Simon's new album, So Beautiful or So What, will feature liner notes from Elvis Costello.

7th November 2010

Quote: "He's a natural for the biopic." Elvis Costello upon hearing Nicolas Cage is a big fan. Cage recently performed his impersonation of Costello during an appearance on U.S. TV show Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.

26th November 2009

Quote: "Albums don't have the same significance they did 10 years ago. You can't even find a record shop. My last album was in a coffee shop. If I make any more records, I may only sell them in truck stops." Elvis Costello mourns the death of record stores.

15th October 2009

Fact: Bruce Springsteen, U2 stars Bono and The Edge and Sheryl Crow will be among the guests joining Elvis Costello for the second season of his Spectacle: Elvis Costello With... TV show, which debuts in December (09).

10th June 2009

Fact: Elvis Costello will perform two free record store shows in California on 22 June (09) to promote his new album Secret, Profane & Sugarcane. The Brit will play live for fans at the Amoeba stores in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

28th May 2009

Quote: "Two years ago, I wasn't sure if I was going to make any more records. It wasn't much fun anymore." Elvis Costello's new album SUGARCANE almost never made it into the studio. The upcoming release features two tracks the Brit penned for Johnny Cash and another he wrote with country star Loretta Lynn.

6th April 2009

Quote: "He was inducted a few years ago and when he found out I wasn't there, he just thought it was a real injustice, and so he just became an advocate for me." New Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee WANDA JACKSON paid tribute to Elvis Costello at Saturday's (04Apr09) ceremony in Ohio.

13th March 2009

Fact: MARY J. BLIGE, former American Idol star Clay Aiken, and Elvis Costello are the latest celebrities to make guest appearances on hit U.S. TV show 30 ROCK.

22nd January 2009

Quote: "SHAKESPEARE couldn't yodel - and he looked lousy in a cowboy hat." Elvis Costello on comparisons between The Bard and his musical hero Hank Williams.

8th January 2009

Quote: "When ELVIS expresses himself vocally, there's a lot of moisture around and sharing a microphone with him can be challenging, and when he sings 'My aim is true...' he is right." Rocker Sting on performing duets with pal Elvis Costello.

15th October 2008

Fact: Elvis Costello and Nick Jonas have interviewed each other for the new issue of Rolling Stone magazine.

7th June 2008

Fact: Sting will join Elvis Costello as a performer in celebrated British session musician STEVE NIEVE's WELCOME TO THE VOICE opera when the show hits Paris, France in November (08).

1st May 2008

Fact: Elvis Costello has teamed up with choreographer Twyla Tharp to create a new ballet. NIGHTSPOT is a major new work performed by the Miami City Ballet.

29th October 2007

Fact: Guests paid $2,400 (GBP1,200) each to watch Elvis Costello and Billy Crystal perform at U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton'S star-studded birthday bash on Thursday night (25Oct07).

21st August 2007

Fact: Rock legends Bob Dylan and Elvis Costello are teaming up for a 13-date U.S. tour this autumn (07).

17th July 2007

Quote: "Back when we were recording PUMP IT UP, who would have thought we'd be sitting around talking about jazz, country, and burping babies." New dad NICK LOWE on a recent chat with longtime collaborator Elvis Costello.

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