Elvis Presley suffered eye disease glaucoma and was almost blind when he died, according to the late King of Rock's personal physician.
Dr. George Nichopoulos earned notoriety when, three years after Presley's 1977 death, he was indicted on 14 counts of over-supplying drugs to Presley and other patients, including rocker Jerry Lee Lewis.
He was acquitted on all counts, but the accusations earned him the nickname The Man Who Killed Elvis, among the star's angry fans.
Thirty years on, Nichopoulos is hitting back in a new tell-all book, in which he claims Presley was a physical wreck at the time of his death and suffered from numerous ailments that could have killed him.
The doctor alleges Presley suffered from glaucoma, arthritis, a fatty liver, an enlarged heart and a colon swollen to twice its normal size. He also allegedly suffered from gout, migraines and constipation.
The singer died at his Graceland home in Memphis, Tennessee, after suffering a cardiac arrhythmia, aged 42.