Review of Out Of Nothing Album by Embrace


Embrace - Out Of Nothing - Album Review


Out Of Nothing'

album - 13th September 2004 (Independiente)

Embrace has had a busy year so far, and it does not look set to calm any time soon. Following the move to new record label Independiente, their journey began with the release of new single "Gravity" followed by an extensive UK tour, and a number one chart position for new album "Out of Nothing." The bands fourth release includes a contribution from Coldplay's Chris Martin, in the form of single "Gravity" and some spectacular song writing from the Mcnamara brothers themselves.

Embrace - Out Of Nothing - Album Review

"Out of Nothing" is unmistakeably Embrace and the band at their best. Opener "Ashes is heartwarming, and lifting, starting as they mean to go on:

"Now watch me rise up and leave all the ashes you made out of me,When you said that we were wrong life goes on, just at how long I've agreed"

"Out of Nothing" is a wealth of lifting choruses that would excel a hot air balloon race, soulful sentiment of all valentines days coming at once, and as desolate and beautiful as a trek across a desert.Title track "Out of Nothing" is the perfect closer; deceptively melodic with gentle pianos and melancholy, but a sudden explosion of squealing and chaotic guitars changes all that, ending as suddenly as they started.

The entire album is a journey, and Embrace's journey has just begun, several succesful shows and more to come, a number one album, and their first top ten hit, the good has out!

Katherine Tomlinson