Emilia Clarke has been voted AskMen's "Most Desirable Woman" of 2014 ahead of the season four premiere of HBO's hit fantasy series, Game of Thrones. The British-born actress plays Daenerys Targaryan, or the "mother of dragons," in the show and is famed for her elf-like, ethereal beauty.

Emilia Clarke
Emilia Clarke Has Been Rated The World's 'Most Desirable Woman' By AskMen.

"No other show has as devoted a fanbase as Game of Thrones. Emilia Clarke may be known for her role as Daenerys Targaryan, but to viewers the otherworldly beauty is everything," says AskMen, justifying Clarke's enviable number one position. "Mark our words: this will be her year," the men's mag predicts.

Emilia ClarkeThe Online Men's Mag Predicts Great Things For Clarke This Year.

The list of 99 women is rounded off by pop star Miley Cyrus, who was symbolically placed last on the list by the AskMen team, having apparently been ranked further up the list by voters.

It's not entirely clear whether the magazine has placed the 'Wrecking Ball' singer last for the same reason that Marc Jacobs photographer Juergen Teller refused to shoot her, or whether they just wanted the 21 year-old star to be the first woman seen on the web version of the list for controversial, headline-grabbing reasons.

Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus Ranked Last...Or 99th In The World - However You Want To Look At It.

At 99th, it's not exactly like Miley's been voted the world's least desirable woman, rather that perhaps she still has some way to go before she's considered in the same league as Clarke, Mad Men's Alison Brie, model Emily Ratajkowski from Robin Thicke's 'Blurred Lines' video, The Hunger Games' Jennifer Lawrence and Harry Potter's Emma Watson who are all in the top five.

The fourth season of Game of Thrones will premiere on the 6th April.