Clarke rented her pal's house while she was shooting Terminator Genisys in the city and quickly realised she wasn't alone there, despite Huisman's guarantee that his place was spook free.

Appearing on U.S. late-night show Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday (29Jun15), Clarke said, "It was definitely, definitely haunted, like, 100 per cent... You know it's haunted because the air's really thick and it feels kind of, like, super humid. You could hear, like, slamming doors and all this freaky stuff.

"I was actually renting it from my very good friend Michiel Huisman... and I was kinda saying how there were lots of places in New Orleans that were haunted and he was like, 'Yeah, my house isn't though', so this might be the first moment that he really knows.

"I thought it was, like, an air conditioning situation, so it got to the point one night when we'd been doing lots of night shoots and I was like, 'OK, I've had enough, I've gotta go get an air conditioning unit', so I called (co-star) Jai (Courtney), who was also having another problem, and I was like, 'Will you come with me to Home Depot (hardware store) at, like, 3am to get an air conditioning unit?'"