Prepare for increasingly frequent coverage of any and all things Game of Thrones over the next few weeks. The new season premieres on April 6, but a select few (including the POTUS, apparently) have already had the chance to see the new episodes in full. Last night, it was 7,000 fans, who attended the special paid screening of the first season 4 episode at Barclays’ Center in New York, according to Reuters.

A few lucky (paying) fans got a screener of the first episode.

The lucky few even got to participate in a panel discussion with several cast members and author George R.R. Martin, whose books form the basis for the television show.

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It might be spring, but winter is coming in one sense at least, as next month millions of GoT fans will be glued to screens of various shapes and sizes. This season promises plenty of plot twists, as the Starks, who are still alive deal with the aftermath of the Red Wedding, Daenarys Targaryen gains more power, but struggles to cope with the responsibility and the Lannisters engage in some good old family warfare. Meanwhile, the trailer promises at least a few glimpses of Westeros’ magical creatures – Daenerys’ dragons and the White Walkers, who are advancing from the north. In short – this season it’s about to go down.

George R. R. Martin, Game of Thrones Cast
Season 4 kicks off with an updated (much smaller) cast.