Arya and the Hound are buddying it up on their travels, with Sandor plundering a random villager’s cottage and Arya being outraged about it because – go figure – the girl still has a bit of a moral compass left. The villager is significant in virtually no other way, except for he gets murdered by… a bunch of wildlings, including the creepy, cannibalistic and apparently bisexual Thenns. Bad luck would be putting it mildly. But at least his kid gets off the hook, so that he can run to Castle Black and tell all the Crows that there’s a new sheriff in town. And he likes to eat people. As the Night’s Watch plan how to protect Westeros with 100 men, while also trying not to get eaten, it’s clear that winter is well and truly upon Westeros.

The only person, who has anything to celebrate this episode is Daenerys – what with the whole dragons, army of loyal supporters, hot new boyfriend situation. And celebrate she does, by liberating (and here the word is used correctly) yet another city in the East. Barring the vaguely racist implications – bleach blond Dany rising above a sea of adoring, uniformly dark-skinned followers is a bit uncomfortable – she does give one hell of a speech. Let’s just hope her pride isn’t a bit premature. Historically, the winning streaks on GoT don’t seem to last very long.

Emilia Clarke, Game of Thrones Still
Daenerys is riding high on waves of victory. You know what that means on this show.

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