Police are investigating a series of frightening tweets sent to Emily Atack, the star of popular British sitcom, The Inbetweeners, The Daily Mail reports.

Atack, who plays Charlotte Hinchcliffe in the popular E4 comedy, went to police after twitter user @jeffjon56599388 used the social networking site to send over a barrage of worrying messages to the young star. Currently suspended when you search for the user's name on twitter, The Daily Mail has records of the horrible posts. "Emily its time 4 u to leave this world, ur last hours wnt be pleasant, it will acheive the objective" said one. Another said: 'u sound happy!? im glad!!! visit yr family now...tell them goodbye! it'll be yr last chance to do so!!!!!!' Atack hit back, saying "Everyone report @jeffjon56599388 ^https://twitter.com/jeffjon56599388@ never read/seen anything so vicious towards me in my whole life." She added: 'Please everyone show these tweets to @bedspolice ! Can't be having that. Next level." Given the history of abusive tweets being dealt with swiftly, and the fact that the locations of users can be determined based on ip addresses, it would appear tremendously unwise to use twitter for such purposes; unwise and unkind.

Atack replied to her abuser, confirming the inclusion of the police in the matter, saying, "Prison for you", telling sympathetic fans that her abuser had "lost the plot" and writing: "Hi all, thanks for your nice tweets! Police are on the case. X" A Bedfordshire Police spokeswoman said: "I can confirm that we received a complaint reporting malicious communications and our investigations are ongoing." We'll have more as it breaks.