Emily Blunt wanted to be a boy when she was younger.

The 'Young Victoria' actress again plays a princess in her new movie 'Gulliver's Travels' and admits she finds it funny that she is cast in such regal roles because it is a far cry from her childhood ambitions.

She said: "A princess again! I was never the girl who wanted to be a princess when I was young.

"I was determined to be a boy when I was younger. I was never a girly girl."

Despite her reluctance to be a princess, Emily, 27, admits starring in 'Gulliver's Travels' alongside Jack Black and Jason Segel because it was such light material.

She added: "I was really excited to do that because I often play dark and b***hy. It's good fun too, a real comedy crowd."

Emily has previously admitted she used to "throw tantrums" if her parents made her dress in Pink when she was younger.

She said: "I wanted to be on the soccer team. I wasn't into Barbie dolls and swore I'd never, ever wear pink. I'd throw tantrums if my mum put me in pink clothes. Not a girlie girl at all."