Emily Deschanel wants to star with her sister Zooey in 'New Girl'.

The 'Bones' actress has revealed she is planning to make a cameo appearance in her sibling's hit sitcom about hapless 20-something Jess Day, and would jump at the chance to join her on set as soon as she has some time off.

She said: ''Zooey played my cousin on an episode of 'Bones' a couple of seasons ago and we've talked about me coming in to do 'New Girl'. We shoot on the same lot, so if we weren't so busy it might be really easy to swing on by and play a part.

''It's hard to get a few hours off, let alone a couple of days to do her show. I watch every episode as soon as I can when I'm not working.''

Because the pair play polar opposite characters in their respective shows - Emily plays serious-minded forensic anthropologist Dr Temperance Brennen - people assume they are different in real life, but the 36-year-old star thinks they share the same core values from growing up in the same family.

She explained: ''It's so hard for me to analyse from the inside. I would say we're different - but also the same. There are similarities from having grown up in the same household.

''We have lots of things in common but view the world in different ways. The way we think is completely different and we have different ways of going about things.''