Emily Mortimer wishes motherhood had made her "less of an idiot".

The 'Shutter Island' star - who has two children, four-month-old daughter May Rose, and six-year-old son Samuel, with her American actor husband Alessandro Nivola - isn't convinced she has any wisdom to pass on to her kids.

Speaking about motherhood, she told website Babble.com: "I don't feel like I've become any more sensible or less of an idiot than I was before. I don't feel like I am capable of instilling much wisdom. I feel like they've luckily come with their own."

Emily, 38, also revealed she has been struggling to get enough sleep since May Rose was born in January.

She said: "I was less terrified than I was the first time, but I'm not less sleep deprived, so that part doesn't change."

Although she loves motherhood, Emily insists it is still great to have some time alone away from your children and husband.

She said: "The amazing thing about motherhood is it makes things like going to the gym pleasurable. Normally it's a chore but to have half an hour on your own, even if it's surrounded by a lot of sweaty depressed-looking people, is great."

She added: "I should be working out more than I am but it's a miracle if I get my teeth brushed by six in the evening, let alone go to the gym."