Emily Mortimer thinks plastic surgery "f***s with your head".

The 'Shutter Island' star - who has two children with her actor husband Alessandro Nivola - confesses she would "love" to look 15 years younger, but doesn't think she would be able to cope with going under the knife.

Emily, 38, told The Guardian newspaper: "I would love to suddenly look 15 years younger - I don't know who wouldn't - but it f***s with your head a little bit. I couldn't carry it off mentally.

"Also, you can tell. I think they look worse with surgery. Everyone looks the same and you have your insecurity about ageing written on your face. Of course, we're all insecure about ageing, but if you can pretend not to care, it's quite sexy."

The actress - who is the daughter of noted British writer-and-barrister John Mortimer - also revealed when her second child, May, was born in January, she worried her daughter would look like her father with his "odd-shaped" jaw.

Emily - who also has a six-year-old son, Samuel, with Alessandro - said: "It was such a freak jaw. I was living in dread that was going to emerge, but she's gorgeous. I bore people with how brilliant the children are. Because it doesn't seem like they are connected to you at all. It's like a stork brought them.

"You realise this the minute they come out. This person is already who they are and they are already brilliant and I've had no impact on it whatsoever."