Emily Mortimer was once told by a stranger to improve her personal grooming.

The 'Newsroom' actress appeared fully naked in 2001 film 'Lovely and Amazing' and her full-frontal scene had left a big impression on one viewer, because she was sporting an overgrown ''bush''.

Emily said: ''A stranger came up to me and shouted, 'Got to do something about that bush, girl.' Then I got people saying, 'It was so brave of you to grow it' and 'Was it a merkin?' I had that it was earthy to not be that bothered, then my husband told me that. actually, it wasn't that sexy.''

Emily - who has two children, Samuel, nine, and two-year-old May with spouse Alessandro Nivola - also revealed how being a mother has made her a lot more confident.

The 40-year-old star told Style magazine: ''I got bored with the sound of my own voice putting me down. And I think, just by having kids, there isn't enough time any more to be nervy, or worry about whether or not you're an arsehole.''