Emily Ratajkowski is inspired by Ben Affleck.

The 24-year-old beauty starred alongside the 43-year-old actor in 'Gone Girl' and has revealed she was only happy to take acting inspiration from her co-star.

She shared: ''It was monkey see, monkey do. You see how this person is doing it and you rise the occasion.''

The 'We Are Your Friends' star also revealed the film's director David Fincher was on hand to give her some tips on how to perfect her character portrayal.

Of her time filming 'Gone Girl', she added to Editorialist magazine: ''David basically told me to not think.

''It's counter-intuitive because you do all this research and think about how you want this character to come off and then you get on set and basically need to let that all go.''

Meanwhile, Emily previously revealed she backed fellow model Cara Delevingne's decision to move from fashion to film.

She said: ''I think every experience is different. Definitely, I feel like acting is much more creatively fulfilling and I think Cara is very creative person, as am I, and so, we want more.''

In fact, Emily thinks the two industries do have their similarities.

She added: ''Some of the best parts about modeling are having the same kind of relationships that I have with Max [Joseph], my director, as I would have with a photographer.''