Emily Ratajkowski's skin ''freaked out'' at the beginning of quarantine.

The 'We Are Your Friends' hitmaker admits she had some issues with her skin when lockdown started but she has been using ''this amazing snail product'' and a retinol and serum to protect her skin amidst the current lockdown restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Taking to her Instagram story, she shared: ''My skin freaked out at the beginning of quarantine. I use this amazing snail product, and then I put a retinol on and this delicious [Dr. Loretta] serum after.''

Meanwhile, the 28-year-old model previously urged people to practice self-care whilst in lockdown and confessed she styles her hair to ''stay sane'' as it helps her feel relaxed and at ease.

She said: ''A tip to staying sane is: showering and brushing your hair. Seriously, just do it. Maybe even put lotion on. You'll be amazed at how much little rituals of self-care can help lift your mood.''

And Emily also believes there are ''no rules'' during the current health crisis when it comes to routine, as she encouraged people not to ''pressure'' themselves to conform to a particular schedule.

She added: ''Something to remember is: No rules. If one night you can't fall asleep, fine. If one afternoon you can't seem to stay awake, fine. Listen to your body and stop pressuring yourself. Please.''

The 'Gone Girl' actress has been reading books during the free time during lockdown she has acquired, including 'This Life' by Martin Hägglund, which she credited with giving her ''hope''.

Speaking about the title, she said: ''Another concise (albeit dense) and philosophical book I'm enjoying making my way through right now is Martin Hägglund's This Life. Hägglund devotes a lot of his argument to the value of time and the power we have in what we chose to do with it. He also argues that the finite amount of time we have on earth is what makes life have purpose. In a moment when many of us have more time on our hands and fewer things that make us busy and easily distracted, this is a nice text to offer perspective and hope.''