Emily Ratajkowski was not a fan of Taylor Swift.

The 32-year-old model and podcaster admitted there was a time when she didn't enjoy Taylor's music but a previous boyfriend helped her to become a fan.

Speaking on her podcast 'High Low with EmRata', Emily said: "I kind of grew up [with] a little snobbery around my generation. I wasn't somebody who listened to pop music a ton."

She added that one of her exes was "talking about [how] just because something's popular doesn't mean that it isn't excellent. Actually, a lot of times the things that are popular are actually just incredibly good. I came around. It changed it for me completely."

Emily believes that it was misogynistic of her not to rate Taylor and she believes anyone who doesn't think she is an "incredible songwriter" has "issues".

She continued: "I was not a Swiftie and now I'm like, 'You know what that means? That means I was a misogynist that I didn't f*** with Taylor Swift'.

"Because I went to her concert and I was like, 'This person is an incredible songwriter, an incredible performer, and anybody who says anything else? Like, they have issues. And actually maybe not a very sophisticated palette'. If you don't like Taylor Swift, then, like, you don't understand things."

In May, Emily attended Swift's concert in East Rutherford, New Jersey and shared a TikTok video of herself enjoying the show.