60 million proved to be the lucky number for Eminem, as he soared above his rivals to become the most 'liked' person on Facebook, and the first living person to surpass 60 million 'likes', with an impressive 60.1 million.

According to the Page Data site, the rapper now places in the fifth spot of most likes on Facebook, with the only things above him in the chart being the uber popular, non-human pursuits of Facebook users - Youtube (4th), Texas Hold 'Em Poker (3rd), Facebook itself (2nd) and the group 'Facebook for Every Phone' taking the top spot.

Closely behind Marshal is his 'Love the Way You Lie' co-singer Rihanna at 6 and The Simpsons at number 7. Shakira, Lady GaGa and Michael Jackson make up the rest of the top ten.

Most of the top 20 is then made up of products and TV shows, however Justin Bieber (15TH), Katy Perry (16TH), Akon (19TH) and Lil Wayne (20th) all manage to make their way into the pile.

Megan Fox, who stared in the video for 'Love The Way You Lie', is the only actor in the whole top 30, coming in at 28, with footballers christiano ronaldo (13th) and LIONEL MESSI (25th) being the only two sports personalities on the list.