Eminem fans are so desperate to meet the rap superstar that they will gladly pleasure as many of the STAN man's minders as it takes to reach the SLIM SHADY superstar.

In a new documentary EMINEM: GIRLS GONE WILD, one girl is seen giving oral sex to seven men in order to meet the divorced father of one.

An insider confesses, "The film footage is amazing. These girls were desperate to meet Eminem and they would do anything - and I mean anything - to see him. One girl offered to give oral to seven of his pals as long as they would introduce her. She just got down on her knees and went to work."

In the film the Lose Yourself hitmaker, who was separated from wife KIM at the time, picks the most attractive groupies to come back to his hotel room with him.

Film boss JOE FRANCIS admits, "We went on tour with Eminem and shot all the stuff that goes on backstage for a rock star."