Eminem has hit back at critics who blasted him for including 'gunshot sound effects' in his recent performance at Bonnaroo, with a passive aggressive warning ahead of his set at Firefly Festival. It's pretty straight-forward, and makes it clear that he's not changing his shows for anyone.

Eminem at the premiere of SouthpawEminem at the premiere of Southpaw

Despite the fact that he's been doing it for years, some festival goers took issue at his recent Bonnaroo set which included a performance of the song 'Kill You'; a performance that ended with a loud pyrotechnic bang that some of the crowd thought was a gunshot.

But the rapper wasn't about to apologise to those who were distressed by the noise. Instead, he added a warning at the beginning of his set at Delaware's Firefly Festival on Saturday night (June 16th) making it clear that anyone who wasn't into the way he did things, shouldn't be watching his show.

'If you are easily frightened by loud noises or offended by explicit lyrics you shouldn't be here', a sign read, illuminated over the stage.

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Indeed, Eminem has used a 'pyrotechnic concussion' at the end of his 'Kill You' performances for years; in fact, he's used it at both Coachella and the Governor's Ball Music Festival this year. But, for some reason, the issue only arose in Tennessee with Bonnaroo after a number of fans reported feeling panicked by the noise.

It's understandable after all; tensions are always high at large gigs given the amount of security restrictions that are in place to prevent terrorist attacks the likes of which occurred at Manchester Arena, the Bataclan and Las Vegas' Route 91 Harvest Festival.

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In a country where mass shootings seem to be happening everyday, there's obviously a huge amount of sensitivity. But if people can't enjoy stage effects meant for entertainment, there's obviously something very wrong.