Emma Bunton is proud of the days she wore pig-tails in the Spice Girls and thinks it was one of her best hairstyles.

The radio presenter-and-singer always loved styling her hair that way when she was better known as Baby Spice because the school-girl look made her instantly recognisable.

Speaking to the MailOnline's Femail section, Emma said: ''I have always been proud of my pigtails. I've got very thin hair and it's all about volumising the hair for me. Sometimes I probably back-combed a bit too much but I think the bigger the better.''

Emma also revealed she and her bandmates - Mel C, Geri Halliwell, Mel B and Victoria Beckham - would share products from their make-up bags when they were on the road.

She said: ''We would share everything! Simple face wipes were always being thrown around on the tour bus to get the makeup off. We also swapped great lip balms and moisturiser. Generally we all used similar things.

''I don't know if I should tell you this because then you'll get the old pictures out and it'll be a disaster. I think it's always been trying to match the colour of your eyes with what you're wearing? I just don't think that worked. I've done a few of those back in my day.''

However, nowadays Baby Spice is sharing her make-up with the likes of Hollywood stars.

She said: ''I love Kate Hudson. I just think she looks effortlessly gorgeous. At the Olympics three years ago I bumped into her on the stairwell. She said hello to me and, 'You don't think I could borrow some mascara? I've turned up with no make up on.'

''I was like, 'Oooh! And you look that gorgeous?' So she came up into my dressing room and put some of my mascara on. She always looks heavenly gorgeous. Also I love Sienna Miller's look. That kind of Boho effortless look, which is great.''