Emma Bunton loves Victoria Beckham's clothing line.

The 39-year-old beauty finds her former Spice Girls bandmates' dresses have the ability to make her feel ''glamorous and sexy'' but also comfortable.

Emma said: ''I wore a Victoria Beckham dress for a premiere once and, oh my God, I loved it. It was loose with a low back and felt great. That's the thing with Victoria; she knows how to make women feel good in clothes: glamorous and sexy, but still comfortable.''

The 'Stop' singer - who has sons Beau, seven, and Tate, four, with fiance Jade Jones - is inspired by the '60s in her style and loves having fun with fashion.

Speaking to Essentials magazine, she said: ''I like to have fun with fashion. I've always loved the '60s look - the lashes, the heels, the mini dresses.''

However, Emma isn't as confident about flashing her flesh these days as she was when she was younger.

She admitted: ''As you get older, the mini dresses get less and less mini, but I'll still wear one now and again, only maybe with tights these days.''