Emma Roberts wore all vintage and thrifted pieces in her Netflix film ‘Holidate’.

The flick’s costumer designer, Helen Huang, has explained that she wanted the actress’ alter ego Sloane to standout with her wardrobe to “emphasise” the fact that she’s “not like every other rom-com girl”.

Helen told Insider: “Sloane is the type of character who might have a really great vintage T-shirt collection or a cool 1960s leopard coat, but she would still lounge around the house in her high school sweats.

"I would bring [Roberts] these little pieces that I found from all around.”

She continued: “I didn't want people to be able to tell immediately where she got all of her stuff, and I think that's what makes Sloane so special. She's not the type of character to wear a one-brand, head-to-toe look.”

For Sloane’s Valentine’s Day look, the inspiration came from a pair of Juicy Couture sweat pants from the early 2000s that Emma still had in her own wardrobe.

Helen said: ”[Roberts] actually had a pair of Juicy Couture pants from the early 2000s, so we took inspiration from that.”

In another scene, she wore a floral Moschino cardigan, which the stylist found on The Outnet.

She said: "I was scrolling and trying to look for something special, and I found this Moschino sweater.

”I thought: 'It could either be really good or really bad,' but I love that line. It ended up being perfect on [Roberts].”

And on why she didn’t pick the latest trends to style Sloane in, she added: “I wanted to emphasise that Sloane is not like every other rom-com girl — where she's sad and then she's happy, and she has two totally different wardrobes for each — because I feel like that's not a real representation of women.”