Actress Emma Stone was left red faced after meeting Cameron Crowe - she burst into tears in front of the director.
The Easy A star suffers from panic attacks and works hard to control her anxiety fears - but a chance meeting with her moviemaking idol prompted her to freak out.
And Crowe isn't the only star who has left Stone gasping for breath.
She tells Britain's Stylist magazine, "I zen myself up these days, and I've got pretty good at it. The only time I flip out is when I'm not prepared. If I'm caught off guard, I can't help it; I start gasping for air.
"I've actually cried in front of three people because I was so blown away to be in their presence: Cameron Crowe, Lorne Michaels and Tom Hanks.
"(Hanks) didn't see, thank goodness. I turned and rushed away, and he'll only know about it if he reads this interview. However, with Cameron Crowe, I cried right in front of him whilst shaking his hand. How embarrassing."