There's nothing worse than bagging the photo opportunity of a lifetime, only for it to be ruined by an unflattering illusion. Poor Emma Stone was left mortified when a shot of her and Hillary Clinton made her appear naked behind the T-shirt she was holding up.

Emma Stone at 'Battle of the Sexes' screeningEmma Stone at 'Battle of the Sexes' screening

The 26-year-old expressed her embarrassment on 'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert' while discussing her forthcoming movie 'Battle of the Sexes' in which she stars as tennis hero Billie Jean King. She was showing off some T-shirts featuring the iconic figure with her tennis score - 6:4, 6:3, 6:3 - backstage with Clinton, but unfortunately her strapless dress destroyed the moment.

'Can I also point something out beyond this very cool photo?' She said, as Stephen showed the audience the shot. 'I get a chance to meet Hillary Clinton which is unfathomable and incredible, and I look like I'm nude.'

'Yes, it does look like you are topless', Stephen agreed.

Emma Stone has been a huge supporter of Hillary Clinton and her policies, so it can't get much more exciting than getting to meet her backstage. 'Like... really? You had one shot!' She lamented, looking at the photo in which you cannot see her dress behind the T-shirt at all; only her head and bare shoulders.

However, judging by some paparazzi shots taken outside 'The Late Show' studios, she did manage to get her copy of Clinton's third memoir 'What Happened' signed by the woman herself. It's her latest book, released just this month by Simon & Schuster, which follows everything that happened during the 2016 election campaigns.

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Thankfully, when she got to sit next to the real Billie Jean King at the US Open, the photo of that moment came out a lot better. 'She did live commentary, without any pauses, in my ear for the entirety of the match', Emma revealed. 'It was pretty incredible.'