The Birdman star struggled with throat and voice issues while playing Sally Bowles in Cabaret and she turned to drugs to help control swelling, but the steroids worked a little too well - and led to a period of late-night Amazon shopping.

Stone reveals, "Sleeplessness, that was a big problem - and also you're crazy... on steroids, or at least I was. I was up all night and crazy... I read online about making your own body lotions and I went on Amazon and I bulk bought everything you would need to make your own skincare products, but I never did it, because 'What?'"

Meanwhile, the actress' vocal problems also led to an awkward backstage encounter with Meryl Streep.

Stone adds, "She was there and I was actually trying to sneak out. I just got my clothes on and was like, 'She's gonna come backstage and be kind and generous and lovely, because she's Meryl Streep and that's part of who she is...' and then she came backstage and I just started to cry... I said, 'My voice was so terrible', and she says, 'I just thought it was from the cocaine (that your character uses)'."