Emma Watson may be able to do a convincing American accent but cultural differences still wedge a gap between her and her US co-stars. In a recent interview on MTV, Emma joined The Perks of Being A Wallflower co-stars Logan Lerman and Ezra Miller the young actors joked about Emma’s confusion a few years ago, when she was asked to read a bunch of phrases in an American accent and the first phrase was ‘The Olive Garden.’ Most Americans will recognise the name of the chain of Italian restaurants but Emma was none the wiser. Her co-stars had to inform her that it was, in fact, simply a restaurant chain and not something more exciting like “a secret garden, full of olives” as Ezra suggested, jokingly: “Oils of olives and all the olives we know, they come from there.”

“We very much had to ask these guys [Miller and Lerman], and they thought it was hilarious, because I'm so naive about these things. They still haven't told me,” laughed Emma during the interview, before explaining that her pals had a pretty clear advantage when it came to understanding American culture. “These guys had had their own personal experiences, they [grew up here], and I arrived in my panicky way, kind of stressed out, and these guys had to tell me, 'It's OK, Emma, it's going to be fine.”

So far, the movie has been well-received. It looks as though The Perks of Being A Wallflower, which is released next month, could well be the breakthrough role that Watson needs to shake off the legacy of Hermione Granger, the character that she played for many years in the Harry Potter movies as a child.