The second 'Beauty and the Beast' trailer has finally arrived which means we get to see Emma Watson and Dan Stevens in action for the first time, and it's absolutely spellbinding. We are still yet to hear any singing, though there's plenty of dancing happening.

Beauty and the BeastDan Stevens and Emma Watson star in 'Beauty and the Beast'

It's a tale filled with hope, violence, fear and romance, and 'Beauty and the Beast' will finally make its live action debut 26 years after the animation was adapted for Disney. Emma Watson and Dan Stevens prove to be intense in the new trailer, and we also get to meet Belle's father Maurice (Kevin Kline), candlestick Lumiere (Ewan McGregor), clockface Cogsworth (Ian McKellen), teacup Chip (Nathan Mack) and the motherly teapot Mrs. Potts (Emma Thompson). 

We can't say we were too happy to meet Gaston (Luke Evans) who makes his intentions clear from the start: 'I say we kill the beast!' The Beast (Stevens) may be a figure of terror at the very start, but it doesn't take long for the pure-of-heart Belle (Watson) to fall for his charms, despite him having previously imprisoned her father. 

Watch the trailer for 'Beauty And The Beast' here:


All she's interested in is reading and taking care of her father, and the beast helps her on both counts; allowing her to switch places with Maurice and giving her access to a sprawling library. All Gaston has ever given her is a headache, but it seems the townsfolk are on his side when it comes to dealing with the cursed prince.

If you've seen the 1991 Disney animation you'll be amazed at how much it comes to life in Bill Condon's glittering adaptation. He, alongside Evan Spiliotopoulos and Stephen Chbosky, are also responsible for the screenplay, and while the majority of the songs from the original musical have been recycled, viewers can also expect a few new numbers.

'The music for it is sensational', Dan Stevens said. 'One of the great things about the animated film was the blend of romance and classic fairytale-telling as well as a bit of humour and fun. That's something we've tried to retain in this, the romantic side but also a bit of the silliness.'

'Beauty and the Beast' will be released on March 17th 2017.