Emma Watson has loved Beauty and the Beast since she was four years old. The original Disney film was released in 1990, the same year Watson was born, and the actress has always felt a connection to the feisty, independent Belle.

But now the 26-year-old is seeing her own fairytale come true, as she stars as Belle in the live-action reimagining of Beauty and the Beast. For her, the film’s unconventional love story sets it apart from other fairytales, while Belle is unlike any other Disney princess.

Emma Watson and Dan Stevens in Beauty and the BeastEmma Watson as Belle and Dan Stevens as the Beast

“I loved how she had this relationship with Beast where they were just toe to toe and that to me just seemed like such a dynamic and interesting kind of relationship that I’d never seen before in a fairytale,” Watson said of Belle and the Beast’s story.

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“It was so funny and so romantic but in a way that for me didn't feel contrived in the same way that I think other fairytales are, in the sense that Beast and Belle really dislike each other in the beginning."

Emma Watson as Belle in Beauty and the BeastEmma Watson in Belle’s iconic yellow ballgown

“They really don’t get on and then they form this friendship and then they fall in love and there was just something so beautiful about that to me and I’ve just loved it ever since,” she added.

Emma Watson as Belle in Beauty and the BeastWatson loved the independent spirit of fiesta bookworm Belle

Watson’s love for Disney didn’t fade as the actress grew up and now being able to be a part of that magical world is a dream come true. “As a child you love Disney but as an adult you still love Disney,” she said.

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“It sort of connects you to that childhood feeling that everything’s going to be okay and there’s hope in the world. For me it just gives me this sense of ‘everything's fine, everything’s fine’. So to get to actually play Belle and actually live in that world it’s just amazing.”

Watch the trailer for Beauty and the Beast below: