Emma Watson could never live in Los Angeles.

Despite being one of the most bankable stars in Hollywood - thanks to her role in the multi-billion dollar grossing 'Harry Potter' franchise - the British actress says she is so accustomed to the rainy weather in her native England she couldn't acclimate to the sunny, humid weather in the filmmaking capital on a permanent basis.

She said: ''I'm an English girl at heart, and it's just such a different world - it's so different. Everybody drives everywhere in a car and I like walking around. And it's really hot all the time. I like a bit of rain, you know!''

As well as continuing her acting career, the 23-year-old star is determined to finish her degree at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island - where she is studying English Literature - but admits she has often struggled to balance the two pursuits.

She told talk show 'Lorraine': ''I feel incredibly fortunate that I get to juggle so much, because I think there's been times in my life I wondered whether I would be able to get my degree as well as keep everything else going.

''There are times where it's really hard and I have to work hard at it, but hopefully I get to graduate next year and that will be really satisfying.''