Emma Watson showed off some major new body ink while on the set of Sofia Coppola's new movie 'The Bling Ring' in Los Angeles last week. Watson, 22, was also sporting a brown wig and denim hot pants for the film which tells the true story of a group of Hollywood youths who broke into the houses of celebrities including Paris Hilton and Orlando Bloom several years ago.

According to US Weekly magazine, fans of Watson were stunned to see the actress sporting a huge "flame" tattoo across the bottom of her back - a type of body art commonly referred to as a "tramp stamp". However, the ink was only temporary and is simply part of her look for rebellious character Nicki. The actress isn't the only celebrity to be rocking some 'out-of-character' body art, with Jessica Alba being snapped taking her two girls to a park in Beverly Hills while donning large tattoos on her arm and back. A source told US Weekly, "A local tattoo artist in Atlanta did it on her.Jessica thinks it's pretty tough". Again, fans shouldn't get too carried away as Alba's ink was only temporary for her role in movie A.C.O.D.

Inspired by actual events, The Bling Ring is one of the most anticipated movies of 2013. It will follow a group of fame-obsessed teenagers who gained notoriety for using the Internet to track down the whereabouts of celebrities and subsequently rob their homes.