You may or may not be familiar with the story of TWA Flight 800, though a new documentary by Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Kristina Borjesson into what really happened on July 17 1996 looks to be one of the most thrilling movies of the year. The Trans World Airlines Flight 800 - leaving JFK en route to Paris and Rome - had been in the air just 12 minutes when it exploded, killing all 230 passengers on-board.

After the FBI were drafted in to take interviews from eye-witnesses, it was decided that the accident was caused by fuel/air explosion in the centre wing tank, though almost everyone interview mentioned seeing a streaking object in the sky - not unlike a missile. Many of the witnesses were reported to have been silenced by the FBI and only spurious transcripts - not word for word - were made available. 

There are several areas of suspicion, mainly that the CIA was brought in to interpret eyewitness accounts - an unprecedented action in U.S. aviation history. On top of that, unexplained explosive residue was found throughout the wreckage and there was no evidence found to support the officially proposed probable cause for the crash positing that an electrical short circuit ignited fuel vapors in the jet's center wing fuel tank.

Kristina Borjesson's movie attempts to look into what really happened to that ill-fated flight, on its 17th anniversary. What were the FBI hiding? What really caused the explosion  and why have none of the death certificates been finalized?

TWA Flight 800 is set to premiere on Epix on July 17, 2013.