Emmy Rossum once spent $2,000 on a bag.

However, the 'Shameless' actress doesn't regret the extravagant Chanel purchase because her whole family uses the trendy accessory.

She said: ''My biggest fashion splurge was on a Chanel bag that I bought for $2,000. My mom wears it a lot too. Really the whole family uses it.''

Emmy also revealed Cate Blanchett is her style icon.

She told In Touch magazine: ''Cate Blanchess is so unique. She takes risks and always looks beautiful and flawless.''

The actress has previously admitted she doesn't use a stylist and relies on her own contacts to put together catwalk looks.

She said: ''I surf the Web to see the runway shows and then figure out who the fashion publicists are and e-mail them myself.''

Emmy says she likes to experiment with her look but admits the risk doesn't always come off.

The 26-year-old beauty says she once wore Swarovski crystals on her eyelids to a high-profile event in 2007 and has never lived the look down.

She saidr: ''Anytime you Google 'bad celebrity make-up,' that comes up.

''I looked as if a tranny clown pooped on my eyes! But I think it's good to take chances.''