Singer Emmylou Harris could potentially be facing some pretty hefty charges, after it emerged that she is being investigated for a suspected hit and run case in Los Angeles, TMZ reports.

The multi-Grammy winning artist is said to have hit a car on an L.A. freeway, before hitting the gas and getting the heck out of there. Unfortunately for Harris, if the charges prove to be true, she won't outrun her troubles for too long as the Los Angeles law enforcement are now hot on her heels.

According to TMZ, a rented car driven by the singer struck another vehicle on the 405 freeway at around 10pm on October 1, with Emmylou taking off from the scene without stopping or exchanging insurance information with the car she hit. The local police began investigating the crime when the driver of the car Emmylou is said to have hit filed a report on the incident, with the D.A currently awaiting a reply from Harris on the charges being held against her.

Emmylou has apparently already admitted fault to a "minor drive accident," with a representative for the country singer tellingTMZ that she "unintentionally rubbed bumpers with another vehicle." The rep goes on to add that Emmylou didn't realize at the time that contact was made between the cars, and as such she took off from the scene without so much as a howdy do.