Engelbert Humperdinck is confident that his romantic waltz is going to bring the Eurovision crown home to Great Britain this weekend. The 76 year-old will be performing in this year's ceremony in Baku, Azerbaijan and is confident that his song 'Love Will Set You Free' contains all the vital ingredients to bring the prize home to Blighty.
"I haven't been to Baku before," Humperdinck told The Telegraph, adding "I'm looking forward to it. I've seen a film about it and it looks and sounds very exciting. It's a new place for me and any place that's new is great." Englebert's aware of some of the criticism about his age, but he reckons that youth is no match for a strong set of lungs and a well-written song: "I don't think age has got anything to do with the singing, with the contest. It's not a talent competition, it's a song contest and because of my experience of travelling around the world and being an ambassador for my country, I think it stands a good chance."
The man who had hits in the '70s with 'Release Me' and 'The Last Waltz' reckons that he knows the secret of a good love song, too. "Well, obviously a great melody, a great storyline, and the song has to have a longevity and I think this one really has it. It's a Viennese waltz and waltzes have a romantic feel and people usually dance slow to it. I think this has a great, great chance."