Engelbert Humperdinck still gets knickers thrown at him.

The 75-year-old crooner - who is set to be the oldest contestant to compete in the Eurovision Song Contest in May - says he's still a hit with the ladies.

He said: ''I still occasionally get knickers thrown at me, yes. I think it is the people that want to be noticed. What I should do is throw mine at them.''

While he denies going under the surgeon's knife, the 'Please Release Me' singer does admit to dying his hair.

He said: ''I certainly hope I don't act or look my age and I certainly haven't been into any Beverly Hills surgeries. I've got my mother and father's genes.

''When I was 25 I had grey hair. I said to myself, 'If I am going to be in show business I can't go out there with grey hair as a young man'.

''So I started dying my hair really jet black and I created the image with the sideburns. I've been dyeing my hair ever since. Lately it has got a little lighter. I don't want to be black-haired at the age of 75.''

Meanwhile, the British-born star - who spends part of each year in Los Angeles - admits there are some English habits he just can't break.

He told The Sun newspaper: ''I love the beer. When I come home I must get it out of my system by having a pint of bitter and bag of crisps.

''I say to my driver, 'Pull over', and I stop at a pub.''